Saturday, December 18, 2010

Shanti Mission Harmony Centres

Guru Shakti Durga
Lalita Sestito - My favorite healing and meditation teacher

If you are feeling lost, low in energy or just want to share abundance and joy with others. Then stop by the Shanti Mission Harmony Centres. After being introduced to the centre by my Mum, I spent 4 wonderful weeks enjoying meditation and healing at the Sydney location.

The Shanti Mission Harmony Centres are schools for the soul which means that they are centres of study in respect of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual good health.

The primary role of The Harmony Centre is to teach and demonstrate the role of our spirit in creating good health. Through understanding that we have to look after our spirit as well as our physical body, we can lead healthier, happier and more peaceful lives and often make astounding recovery from acute and chronic health problems and serious, stressful life events.

The concept that we have an energy field is now widely discussed but not yet universally understood despite growing research and anecdotal evidence of its role in wellness. Pain (physical as well as mental) as well as stress are held in our energy field, and we help people learn how to remove or minimize it.

Ignite Your Spirit therapy, an energetic healing modality (recognized and accredited by the Energetic healers Association of Australia and the International Association of Complementary Therapy) is taught and practiced at The Harmony Centres.

At the Harmony Centres there is always a (free) cup of tea and like minded people to talk to and to share experiences. People are able to explore their studies and their spirituality in a safe environment. We are multi-faith: Everyone is welcome and respected. People from all backgrounds come together to learn and practice ways to bring more joy, peace, well being and grace into their lives.

Through our seminars we educate the public about the benefits of meditation, energetic (light and sound) healing, and mental well being. The wonderful results we obtain in classes and healings at our Harmony centres is giving people hope and happiness, and a greater sense of personal empowerment.

The training programs are offered to the public by donation.

Check out the website for a location near you.