Tuesday, February 21, 2012


So excited to announce the room i designed at the Downtown LA Good Shepherd homeless shelter has been published with 8 other fabulous designers. What an honor and such a great project to work on. Sometimes you need to help others to realize just how lucky you are. Congrats to Kristine Paige Kamenstein, Vanessa De Vargas , Dana Doumani, Meg Joannides, Kelly Shandell, Charmean Neithart, Jessica Bennett, Mollie Ranize.


Monday, February 20, 2012

Fun DIY to do with kids or Kids at heart!

Add a little Razzle Dazzle to your life with Glitter covered Easter Eggs. You know i don't like Dirty Design, But I could probably deal with Glitter and Glue...LOL!

Remember - If Jordan can do it, Anyone can!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Today's DIY Tip!

Hey Guys & Girls,

Change your shower head today, Its a 10 min DIY project the makes you feel like your at the Day Spa, it took me 1year to change mine. Wasted luxury!

Remember, If Jordan Can do it anyone can!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Kyle Richards LIFE IS NOT A REALITY SHOW Book signing

Kyle Richards Book Cover

Jordan Cappella & Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards, Maurico Umansky & Jordan Cappella at Olivia Whitney Smiths Wedding
Had a great time at Pottery Barn Beverly Hills for Kyle Richards " LIFE IS NOT A REALITY SHOW" book signing. I actually met and sat with Kyle and Mauricio Umansky (Kyles Husband) at a friends wedding a couple of years back. Very cute couple.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

2012 - New Year, New Experiences - Turning a Weakness into a Strength

Hello Everyone,

Very recently my DIY (DO IT YOURSELF) skills were tested. Long story and I promise to explain in more detail on that at a later date..........

My main point today, I was not impressed with my own abilities. Basically when it came to DIY, I always thought it was better to pay someone else to do it. To be very honest i don't even like getting dirty and believed that DIY was better done with someone Else's hands.

So i have decided to turn a weakness into a strength and you are all my witnesses. I will work at becoming  DIY competent (I may never say expert). This post is the start of placing more focus on personal DIY projects, as well as highlighting people that already exist out there in the community doing amazing work.

First call of personal DIY duty. Working on my Hallway, this entails painting stripes on the boring white walls. This is just the 1st faze i am showing you. I am currently working on a complete story with step by step details for a Design site. So this is just a teaser.

I hope you enjoy the pic and my new journey!


Jordan Cappella

Remember if i can do, it anyone can!

Left Image -  BEFORE                                                                                   Right Image - AFTER