Sunday, May 20, 2007

ELLE DECOR - what's hot! shops

"The smartest new design and fashion boutiques, from sea to shining sea". By Sophie Donelson.

Above is the opening line from page 52 in the latest issue of ELLE DECOR that introduces us to seven of the hottest new boutiques across America.

The first showcased is AlIE WALDMAN HOME COUTURE and was opened only months ago by you guessed it, Interior Designer Alie Waldman and is already drawing a lot of attention from both Designer and Celebrity clients....(You know I can't say who!).

Congratulations Alie, on your fantastic space and your entree into the world of incredible press: ELLE DECOR.

When you get the chance swing by and check out the space! 9009 Beverly Blvd., 310.278.0735

Also at this time I am excited to announce that JORDAN CAPPELLA COLLECTION is collaborating with ALIE WALDMAN HOME COUTURE to design an exclusive Lucite home decor and lighting line. The first piece is scheduled to be launched in 4 weeks. Watch this space for more information!


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Karla said...

I look forward to seeing the collection.