Monday, February 28, 2011

Nate Lowman - Art available now at Exhibition a gallery

I am loving Artist Nate Lowman's (boyfriend to one of the Olsen twins) print on paper "Paper Airlplane" available on line at Exhibition a gallery. - Paper Airplane depicts the urban legend where a folded $20 bill origami-ed just so, creates an image of the twin towers exploding. This painting is a contemporary deconstructionist's field day: the nexus of finance and terrorism, Warhol's penchant for disaster depiction, the American government's suggestion we shop our way out of the tragedy, and our country's obsession with conspiracies big and small.

Available in two sizes 10 x 12 @ $200.00 and 20 x 24 @ $400.00

Having lived in NYC when the towers went down, I feel a personal connection to this piece.


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