Saturday, June 9, 2012

Jordan Cappella exit HGTV Design Star Season 7 ep.2

Not really sure what I wanted to write for a few days now, and have decided to keep it short.

I do believe my white box challenge result was not my best work, but it was not the worst design on this episode either. So yes going home was a surprise to me also. The love support and reviews i have received from previous winners, contestants, bloggers, fans as well as the other DS7 finalists has truly touched me, kept a smile on my face and my head held high.

 I could not believe that i would meet and live with 11 other individuals and love their crazy personalities so much. And truly make some lifelong friends! Saying goodbye to all the designers was the hardest challenge of all.

Jordan Cappella "GLAMAZEN" HGTV Design Star 7 final look White Room Challenge

The Most incredible HGTV Design Star 7 Finalist ever Yuki Northington Jordan Cappella Bex Hale Britany Simon Danielle Colding Hilari Younger Kris Swift Luca Paganico Miera Melba Mikel Welch Rachel Kate Stanley Palmieri
 Watching the end product of Design Star only shows you a glimpse of the pressure due to short time frames, minimal budgets and sleep deprivation  - some of the many factors that go into being a Design Star. That being said I would not have traded this opportunity for anything.

Please watch my exit video if you have a moment!

Many of you have contacted me and asked what next?  - I will be shooting pilot presentations for my own Design Show. Hope to see you back on TV soon. xxxx

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