Thursday, July 12, 2007


I may be doing the interiors for a beauty salon here in Hollywood. I have pulled out some old shots, This was my first Interior design job in Australia and it was a salon called BeautyExpress It happens to be owned by my Mum - Lyn Cappella. It was an experience, the funniest line for me was Mum saying "I DON'T EVEN LIKE PINK AND YOU ARE CREATING AN I DREAM OF JEANNIE BOTTLE" In the end we had many laughs and the space turned out great as well as being shot for BRIDE TO BE Magazine.

If I go ahead with the salon here you will be the first to know.



sandman_gr said...

Your mum rocks!!! When can I meet her? :-)
I really hope you get this project!

The Peak of Chic said...

I LOVE the way you used the pink fabric on the wall and then hung the mirror over it. Very glam!!!!

Anonymous said...

The wall looks great, love the pink bench with the flower.


Jordan Cappella said...

Thanks Sandman she is really cool. Peak of chic the inspiration for the fabric on the wall came from the Moulin Rouge DVD cover you can't get more glam than that movie,and the Venetian mirror is a classic.

Anonymous said...

lyn's salon looks fabulous - very feminine, but so tastefully done. i hope you get the produt. in addition, she looks amazing - a walking billboard for her services!


Anonymous said...

Your mom looks incredible does she have her own line of products? if not, i want to know what she does use.


sandman_gr said...

I love Moulin Rouge too!