Friday, July 20, 2007


Jamee Gregory is a NYC philanthropist, socialite, author of NEW YORK CITY APARTMENTS (RIZZOLI) and contributing writer for the NEW YORK SOCIAL DIARY. Jamee wrote a story yesterday about her latest shopping trip to Los Angeles, the article takes us from Beverly Hills to Venice and includes the discovery of the Jordan Cappella Collection at her daughters favorite Venice boutique Patio Culture. To read the full article click here

Thank you so much for including me in your article Jamee.


Anonymous said...


The Peak of Chic said...

Congrats Jordan!!! Gregory has very good taste, so I can see why she likes your work!

midcenturyjo said...

NMow we're talking! NYSD and then the world! said...

Hi Jordan
Congratulation and it is well deserved. I have been following your work and I think it is fantastic. I would like to read the article but the link takes me to shopping in South Hampton...??
Maybe you could post the article.
Again congratulations.

Jordan Cappella said...

Patricia Gray you are an amazing designer and the fact you have been watching my career is an incredible compliment. I will work on getting the story up. I fell in love with your design when I came across your work in AD.

Jordan Cappella said...

Peak and Jo thanks for your continued support its very cool! said...

Hi Jordan
I have just featured your work on my Blog:
Just love how you combine lucite with other materials. Keep up the original work.
Best Regards