Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pretty Hurts New TV Show Logo May 7th 8/7c - Jordan Cappella featured Episode 5. Time Hurts!

Hope you watched last night (episode 5) I was on Pretty Hurts. If you want to watch click here

This Saturday the premier episode of "Pretty Hurts" The tv show all about injectables to the stars in Beverly Hills Launches on the LOGO network. If you want to get a sneak peek you can buy the 1st episode or the whole season on itunes. From GoGoluckey the producers of Laguna Beach the real OC

See what Edge Boston wrote. Also Read what Rande Rusher has to say to Allure Magazine about Botox!

You may see a face or two that you recognize.


 Janice Dickinson -"Over blast me bitch"& Jordan Cappella - Designer - Shiny Man Doll! "Pretty Hurts" Logo

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