Wednesday, June 1, 2011

India Hicks Meets Jordan Cappella at Island Life Book Signing

I just had the pleasure of meeting India Hicks at the book signing of Island Life at Scandia Home Located at 332 North Beverly Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90210 310-860-1486



India Hicks Meets Jordan Cappella
India is gorgeous and fabulous I loved meeting her ! To buy a copy of Island life click here

Island Life: Inspirational Interiors
by David Flint Wood, India Hicks

In Island Life, the secrets of sumptuous, unique homes — used as locations for Ralph Lauren, J. Crew, and Vogue magazine, among others — are revealed in intimate detail. With panoramic color photographs, David Loftus captures not only the eclectic combinations of antiques, flea market finds, and modern furnishings, but also the overall ambiance of the tropics as expressed by David Flint Wood and India Wood, a couple that left the city behind for the Bahamas. Hardcover: 192 pages.


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