Friday, June 22, 2007


My friend Ed Santos and I were so thrilled to be able to experience "LATE NIGHT AT LACMA" The launch evening for ARTscape weekend.

LACMA - Los Angeles County Museum of Arts mission is to serve the public through the collection, conservation, exhibition, and interpretation of significant works of art from a broad range of cultures and historical periods for the widest array of audiences.

What a fantastic evening, of drinks dancing and an incredible exhibition of Dan Flavin with his simple yet stunning fluorescent light works, which made him one of the most innovative artists of the late-twentieth century. This is the final destination for the worldwide tour of the Dan Flavin exhibition.

The most fun was to be had in the HAMMER LOUNGE, featuring DJ Steve Aoki.

Enjoy the pics, and if your in LA be sure to check out Dan Flavin at LACMA.


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